News :: 2015 15 Invitational Finalists

The NACSW and its members wish to congratulate the 15 finalists from the 2015 NACSW National Invitational. They searched for two days prior to the finals, encountering search challenges such as time pressure, multiple close converging hide placements, rules limiting movement through the search area, mixed element searches and much more. By the third day of competition, the 15 finalists had already proven to be great teams, so the searches on the final day just proved how much each dog & handler team loves the game of K9 Nose Work. As Ron Gaunt is fond of saying, competition in the sport of K9 Nose Work is a "horse race" - exciting, unpredictable, inspiring & so much fun to watch. The final day of the 2015 NACSW National Invitational was all of these things, and the final results were nearly a "photo finish"! In order of placement, the finalists are:

1st: Penny Scott-Fox & Turner

2nd: Brian Hillier & Grover

3rd: Shelly Navarre & Diesel

4th: Kristie Cervantez & Jasper

5th: Josette Kimes & Elsa

6th: Steven De Tata & Juliet

7th: Maria Corrigan & Kirby

8th: Rita Jensen & Flash

9th: Cheryn Breeling & Crook

10th: Kay Thoreson & Jennie

11th: Laurel Scarioni & Myrtle Mae

12th: Andrew Sperber & Maho

13th: Denise Funk & Annie

14th: Jennie Keifer & Karlie

15th: Evy Alloway & Snoopy


To see results from the final day of searches, click here.

Special thanks to Dana Zinn, National Trial Chair for the 2015 NACSW National Invitational at the Ranch Event Center in Loveland, CO. As with all NACSW events, we could not have done it without scores of dedicated volunteers from all across the country. Your passion for the sport of K9 Nose Work makes it possible for thousands of dog & handler teams across the country to enjoy the best smelling dog sport ever!

Keep your sniffers ready for 2017, the year of the next NACSW National Invitational event. Teams can look forward to the fun, exciting, challenging and sometimes surprising searches that the event has become known for since its inception.

Happy Sniffing,

The NACSW team 


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The NACSW and its members wish to congratulate the 15 finalists from the 2015 NACSW...

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