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The sport of K9 Nose Work®, created by the founders of NACSW™, was inspired by detection style training for working K9s and has elements that are founded in that type of training and work.  K9 Nose Work® is the term that specifically defines this detection-inspired sport that is governed and sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC®.

One of the many challenges faced by working K9s and their handlers is encountering new environments and scenarios daily. This challenge will be reflected in the sport through differing search environments and requirements of each location.  Additionally, the environment may change throughout the day due to uncontrollable factors such as weather.  Therefore the general rules and guidelines will apply, but handlers and dogs may encounter variations at each trial.

The National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC® (NACSW™) sets the standards governing the sport of K9 Nose Work®.  NACSW™ is the only official organizing body for K9 Nose Work® titles and instructor certification (CNWI™).  NACSW™ sanctioned events are open to any participant who is a current NACSW™ member in good standing.

The mission of the NACSW™ Trial Division is to make the sport of K9 Nose Work® safe, fun and fair for dogs and dog lovers through the sanctioning of all K9 Nose Work® Odor Recognition Tests and K9 Nose Work® Trials.

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