Elite Division Video Examples from the Sanctioned Match Nov 16, 2014

We held a sanctioned match for the upcoming Elite Division on November 16, 2014 in Concord, CA.  The rules and guidelines for the Elite Division will be published by early January 2015.  the first Elite Division Trial is scheduled for March 1, 2015 in Northern California.  The Elite Division will be open to those teams that have earned a NW3 Elite title. 

13 teams participated in the Sanctioned Match.  There were 4 searches.  Search 1 was a large break room with an unknown number of hides.  The teams had 3 minutes.  Search 2 was an exterior area that included a large trailer with 1-4 hides.  The teams had 3:30 and the search was an on leash search.  Search 3 was a warehouse area (warehouse #1) that had vehicles parked in it with an unknown number of hides.  The teams had 4:00.  Search 4 was another warehouse area (warehouse #2).  The teams were told that there were 5 hides and they had 2:30.  This search was required to be on leash.

The results from the match are posted at: http://nacsw.net/elite-division-sanctioned-match-20141116-concord-ca

Following are videos showing each of the search areas.


Break Room Search - Unknown Number of hides, 3 minutes

Barbara Schwerdt with Landis

Exterior Search - 1 to 4 hides, 3:30 minutes

Ramona Audette with Anton

Warehouse #1 Search - Unknown Number of hides, 4 minutes

Linda Bramkamp with Indy

Warehouse #2 Search - Known Number of hides (5 hides), 2:30

Alexandra Wypchlak with Grott


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