The NACSW proudly hosted the first ever National Invitational on June 1&2, 2013 in Rialto, CA! This first of its kind event featured top teams competing over two days, and challenged competitors with detection-style searches never before seen at any NACSW titling event.


Congratulations to the following teams for earning a spot in the 2013 NACSW National Invitational:


Ramona Audette & Anton

Linda Bramkamp & Indy Bear

Kim Buchanan & Emmy
Chris Busch & Barley
Kristie Cervantez & Jasper
Karin Damon & Jig
Julie Howarth & Molly
Jennie Keifer & Karlie
Wendy Krehbiel & Renegade
Jeff McMahon & Muriel
Barbara Schwerdt & Landis
Penny Scott-Fox & Turner
Dana Zinn & Kudos
See the left sidebar for a posting of the event rules, as well as results of the two-day competition.