Angie has been professionally training dogs for almost 20 years.  She Angie Falcsikbegan her love for scent work with search and rescue and was introduced to K9 Nose Work® over 10 years ago when the first workshop was held by the founders of NACSW in the Midwest and has never looked back! 

Angie is a CNWI, CO and a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist/K9 Fitness trainer and owns Pawsitive K-9 Obedience and Sound K9 Concepts.  She specializes in behavior modification, nose work, obedience and K9 Fitness and integrates each of these components in her training programs in helping dogs.

Angie competes in nose work and IGP with her current dogs but it was her previous dogs that really inspired her love for nose work.  Nose work allows dogs to be dogs, to build more confidence and for us to learn from them.