Beth moved from her home in Western New York to study Zoology at Michigan State University. Beth Bishop

She had the grand idea that someone would pay her to study wolf behavior.  Needing to make a living, she stayed in Michigan and became an Entomologist.  Soon thereafter, she got a puppy and joined a local dog training club, and eventually started teaching dog classes for the club.  Later she formed her own business, Canine Coaches, that offered a variety of pet dog and sport dog classes.  Beth has trained and competed with her own dogs in obedience, rally, agility, tracking and coursing. 

Beth first learned about K9 Nose Work® at a talk given by Jill Marie and Amy at the annual APDT conference. She attended her first Nose Work camp in PA in 2011 and was hooked.  She began her CNWI training and became a certified instructor in 2013.  She continued to teach and learn as much as possible about the activity and sport of Nose Work. Eventually, her classes became primarily and then exclusively K9 Nose Work®. 

Beth retired from Entomology and was able to expand her class offerings.  She now spends a good portion of her time watching dogs work odor… in some ways fulfilling her original dream.  She also competes with her own dogs and has titled her Dobermans and a friend’s Saluki.

Attending that initial Nose Work camp in 2011 has changed Beth’s life and brought so much joy.  She is grateful to have learned so much from the excellent education provided by NACSW and especially, from the dog-handler teams that have allowed her to share their journey.  Beth looks forward to continuing learning and joy.