Carolyn Murray owns and operates The Canny Canine in Carolyn MurrayBozeman, Montana.  She completed her CNWI training at the end of 2016 and is the first NACSW® CNWI in the state.  She has built an extensive K9 Nose Work® program in Bozeman, offering all levels of classes from Intro to Advanced.  Her Bozeman teams compete very successfully at all levels of the sport from NW1 to NW3.  She has started dogs all over the state and offers an experienced eye when troubleshooting competitive teams.  Her comprehensive training style includes supporting both the dog and the handler.

Carolyn also serves as an NACSW® National Trial Coordinator and enjoys working with trial hosts all over the country.  Always thirsty for more information, she regularly attends continuing education workshops.  She also hosts trials, ORTs, and workshops in the Bozeman area.

Carolyn is managed by her two shepherds, Scout and Cooper, and competes at the NW3 level with Scout.  In her spare time, Carolyn is the Director of Finance for a busy and rapidly growing economic development non-profit serving southwest Montana.