Emily is the owner of Head Over Tails Training in Houston, Texas and has been hooked on dog training and dog sports since welcoming a young, seven pound, over-enthusiastic and entirely-too-smart dachshund into her home in 2002. She began training to simply get some peace and quiet around the apartment, but soon became heavily involved in training and competition for canine musical freestyle, AKC Rally, Obedience, Agility and K9 Nose Work.  

Before discovering K9 Nose Work as a retirement sport for the now older (but no less enthusiastic) dachshund, Emily devoted much of her training focus to growing one of the larger, active musical freestyle communities in the U.S. – the Texas Six Steppers. She’s coached well over 100 freestyle teams in the wide variety of technical, behavioral and creative skills needed to perform in the sport.

Emily still coaches teams to dance, but has expanded her repertoire to helping nose work teams learn the dance of odor. She’s currently a Certified Nose Work Instructor and a Certifying Official for NACSW trials. And when they aren’t all on the road camping, hiking or competing in K9 Nose Work, Emily shares her home with two dachshunds and two border collie mixes.