Hosting an NACSW Trial is very rewarding experience that also carries a large amount of responsibility. Competitors want a day of fun and fair competition, which translates to pre-planning, preparing, and coordinating the work of many individuals throughout the day to meet that goal. Below is an outline of some of the basic requirements for hosting a trial and how you can get support as you are considering this endeavor.

You can find our "How to Host a Trial" document here or the full "How to Host a Trial" folder that includes many other supporting documents here.

For a list of Trial Host Requirement click here 

For information on what a trial site needs to support a trial event, please visit our Trial Location Requirements page here 

Questions about location review or the trial hosting process can also be sent to:

Please read through the Trial Site Review/Approval process to see what you will need to submit along with your Trial Request form.  

If you feel you are ready to host a trial, please submit the Trial Request form to start the process.  Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. 

When your trial site is approved, the NACSW assigns a Trial Coordinator to each trial event to help walk you through the hosting process.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a trial and being an important part of the growth of NACSW Trials!

When you are ready to submit your potential trial site for a site review there are several items that will need to be submitted along with your request.

A Trial Request form begins the site review process.  A Trial Site Advisor (TSA) will be assigned to the Trial Request and will start the site review by contacting the host within 7 days.  The TSA will work hand in hand with the host to get the site approved and the trial announced.   Prompt communication and submission of information will help ensure that the approval process can be completed on the necessary timeline so that the requested dates can be accommodated.

What is required of Hosts in order to approve and announce their trial event:


  1. Trial Site Request form – All sections should be completely filled in.  If the host does not have dates or is unsure of the levels the site might support they can leave those areas blank and mention this in the Comments section.
  2. Photos/videos/maps – These must be submitted through Google Drive. The Google Drive folder is now required when submitting the Trial Request form.  The Google Drive folder should include pictures/videos of the potential search areas and other required logistical areas.  It should also include a map of the trial site for each trial day (if the host is requesting a three day trial event, there should be three maps in the folder).  Each map should show the potential search areas for that day/level along with the flow (movement of competitors to and from parking and search areas), along with other required logistical areas (parking, hospitality, score room, bathrooms, etc).   It will make the site review go smoother if the pictures/videos are labeled the same as they are on the map for each day.   If the host is unsure how to present the pics/videos and maps, you can view examples at:  Host How-To Folder:

Once the TSA has received access to the Google Folder they will review the required items and evaluate the potential site for types of trials, levels and number of days.  They may need to contact the host during this process to request more information or ask questions.

After the site review is done, the TSA will be back in touch with the Host to let them know the outcome of their trial site review.  The site may be approved as requested, may be approved with restrictions or may not be approved.  In any of these circumstances, the TSA will send a detailed letter letting them know the results of the trial site review.  If the site is not approved, the Host is always welcome to submit more information for the TSA to review.  Resubmission does not mean it will be approved but the organization is always happy to take another look.

If the site is approved a Trial Approval letter will be sent to the Host which will allow them to confirm that all of the information is correct, including contact info, location info, dates and levels.   At this time we must have dates and levels in order to announce the trial to the NACSW Membership.

Throughout the Trial Approval process the TSA is always available for questions and should respond within 3 business days.  If the Host has submitted a Trial Request form and does not hear from a TSA within 7 days or does not hear from their TSA during the Trial Approval process for an extended amount of time, please contact immediately for assistance.

Once the information is confirmed the trial event will be put onto the NACSW online calendar and announced to the NACSW Membership email list.  At this time the Host will be assigned a Trial Coordinator (TC) who will then work with them throughout the trial event process up to the trial event.