If you are looking for K9 Nose Work kits containing target odors and supplies, visit All Good Dogs LLC. If you wish to purchase your own essential oils and cottons swabs without the kit, please follow the instructions listed here:


Following is information on of how NACSW Trial swabs are prepared with a video description included at the end of the page.  This not an exact recipe. Since we make 1000’s of swabs at a time, it is challenging to break down the quantity into smaller batches for in-home use.

Utilize a 4 ounce glass jar with tight fitting threaded lid, such as a new small mason jar or baby food size jar (if you use a bigger jar, adjust by using more swabs and more oil).


Use 100% cotton swabs (cut in half) [gardening clippers work well] – enough swabs to fill the jar but leave room to tumble your swabs once the odor is added.


Target Odors: Pure essential oils (Sweet Birch, Aniseed, Clove Bud) – one odor per jar of cotton swabs.


Dropper (usually sized for a 1 or 2 dram bottle).  Giving an exact "formula" here is difficult since each dropper is a different size and how much oil you take into the dropper can vary.  Your ratio of dropper to the number of swabs will change if you chose to use more or less swabs in your jar. 


Cut the cotton swabs in half with scissors or shears. Fill your glass jar with the cotton swab halves (leave enough room for the swabs to tumble in the jar).  Extract your dropper full of a particular target odor and drizzle the oil around the inside perimeter of the glass jar and in the center of swabs.   Secure lid on top, and tumble the swabs in the oil. 


Let your swabs sit for 24-48 hours before using. 


If you opt for a larger jar with more swabs, you may want to fill the jar half way with swabs and add oil, then fill with remaining swabs and another dropper of oil on inside perimeter and in center of jar.


We recommend heat-sealed Mylar bags for long term storage.



The target odors are difficult to reproduce exactly every time.  Proportions may vary in potency due to the quantity of swabs to oil.  Therefore, we recommend training with varying quantities of cotton swabs to account for differences in concentration and surface area of available odor. Keep in mind you should be training with a varying amount of scent, so that the dog gains the experience on varied strength.  However, at this time, we do not recommend regularly training with high concentrations of odor.  Typically NACSW event hides contain 3 half cotton swabs unless otherwise dictated by conditions.


Video of Making NACSW Trial Odor