Congratulations to the teams that received invitations to the 2017 NACSW National Invitational!

Adrienne Terrell with Kip
Andrew Sperber with Maho
Barbara Schwerdt with Landis
Carol Noriega with Copper
Carolyn Barney with breezy
Cindy Martin with Baxter
Cynthia Buczko with Greta
Dana Stillinger with Pic
Dana Zinn with Kudos
Denise Funk with Annie
Dorothy Turley with Zoey
Ellen Withrow with Hunley
Gale Creek with Hook
George Carpenter with Holly
Geri Hernandez with Image
Gretchen Farrell with Amica
Irv Edelman with Jude
Jason Heng with Atlas
Jennie Keifer with Karlie
Jim Doescher with Indy
Jo Pearson with Sherman
Joanne Foster with Cider
Josette Kimes with Elsa
Judith O'Connor with Coco
Karen Dunlop with Uschi
Karyn Eby with Ptaary
Kimberly Buchanan with Emmy
Kimberly Buchanan with Zen
Kristie Cervantez with Jasper
Kristie Cervantez with Riley
Kristin Elmquist with Lole
Kristina Leipzig with Kuma
Laura Perron with Scoop
Leslie Katz with Dash
Leslie Wharton with Layla
Linda Bramkamp Indy with Bear
Linda Bramkamp with Aragon
Lynn Sumida with Sierra
Maria Corrigan with Kirby
Marsha Dominguez with Brie
Martha M.Schostal with Sunny
Maureen Campos with Jireh
Melissa Sowa with Vader
Michele Ellertson with Hemi
Missy Assmus with Cinder
Nancy Mueller with Prof. Fate
Patricia Sontag with Lexi
Paula Zickert with Grace
Rita Jensen with Flash
Roxanne Tapaninen with Belle-Ayre
Sheigh Crabtree with Doyle
Shelley Smith with Timbre
Stacy Barnett with Judd
Steve Johnson with Storm
Sue McKinney with Smudge
Sue Sternberg with Chappy
Tabitha Perry with Sabia
Tammi Potts with Kestrel
Tanya Grave with Enzo
Vicky Lovejoy with Kendra