Jessica is currently a NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor, Certifying Official and Trial Judge andJessica Koester is also a Trial Host.

She was introduced to the sport of K9 Nose Work in 2011 after moving to San Diego, CA. She signed up for classes with her young border collie who had environmental sensitivities and was fear reactive. After doing several classes, she noticed that her young dog was more confident in new environments and curious of novel items, and while still cautious in new situations, he was not as prone to bark immediately. Amazed at this change, Jessica continued with K9 nose work classes and eventually applied to the Instructor Program, which she graduated from in 2013.

Jessica continues to further her education through classes, seminars, workshops, and Nose Work camps. She currently has two dogs she is trialing with, her Border Collie, Uriel and her Papillon, Cosette. She lives with her two dogs, her husband and two children in Escondido, Ca.