Jill was delighted to find K9 Nose Work in 2010 when her newest dog Eli neeJill Snyderded a job. She was so taken with the activity and seeing how much it helped her BUSY dog she made a career change and became a CNWI. She now works as a full time Instructor teaching group classes, workshops, Individual private lessons and online classes in the Chicagoland area and south suburbs. She has served on the NACSW rules committee and is a NACSW ORT and Trial Certifying Official.

She shares her home with six dogs all enjoying K9 Nose Work for competition and to keep them all mentally fit. Her dog Eli has finished his Champion Title and then went on to add a Summit title. He is now retired but we don’t dare tell him as she is keeping him BUSY still. Her Labrador Cyrus passed just after earning his ELITE 2 title, leaving Francesca and Lucia trialing at the NW3 level and her oldest dog Jebediah a late bloomer going into NW1. 

When she isn’t working with dogs, she can be found working in her gardens with of course her dogs at her side.

Jill believes the greatest gift is the gift of listening to understand.  When talking about dogs there is nothing more awe inspiring then watching dogs and handlers communicate for a common goal.