Judy Harris owns River Poodles Training, LLC in Missouri and travels extensively promoting nose work by teaching all levels of nose work classes and holding workshops and clinics.  She is a NACSWTM Certifying Official and one of the NACSWTM ORT Coordinators.  She has over 10 years of experience training and competing in multiple dog sports and has received the AKC Champion Tracker title, AKC Master Agility Championship title, and Open Obedience titles in both AKC and UKC venues as well as the K9 Nose Work Elite 3 title through NACSWTM.  

Desi is competing at the Elite 2 level, the puppy (Ritz) competes at the NW3 level and Moni has earned her Elite CH title.

She has been interested in scent work for many years through tracking then NACSWTM expanded her opportunities for more nose work fun.  Judy continues her education in scent training through camps, workshops, seminars and private training. 

In addition, Judy loves watching her two granddaughters (Sarah and Macie) participate in competitive softball.  In her down time, she plays at her river getaway where she walks the gravel bars searching for “pretty rocks”, (aka arrowheads) while the poodles run the gravel bars and mud banks.