Kathy grew up in a dog show family and has been training dogs all of her life. HerKathy Pierce mom showed in conformation, obedience & agility and Kathy followed completely in her footsteps. While still working as an engineer at the phone company, Kathy began trialing on the weekends in agility, hunting, obedience, rally, dock diving, etc. Then when she retired, she jumped whole heartedly into ALL the sports!

Always looking for new venues, Kathy took a K9 Nosework Intro class with Taz, one of her springers who wasnt thrilled with agility at the time. And they were sold on it! Taz became the first springer to earn an ELT-CH. Kathy became a NACSW trial coordinator, an NACSW Certifying Official, and continued to work on becoming a CNWI.  Kathy lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, Woody. She has been teaching weekly nose work classes for many, many years while also traveling all over the country trialing and COing. Kathy has hosted MANY NACSW trials in the Atlanta area and has plans for LOTS more!

Currently trialing two elite dogs, two NW3 dogs, and one baby dog about to head to her ORTs, Kathy stays BUSY. Her two summit dogs are officially retired and now over the rainbow. Taz & Pix were the first two springers to achieve ELT-CH in the county.