Kiddy Christie lives in Eugene, Oregon with her Australian Shepherds.Kiddy Christie

For over thirty years she bred, trained and competed with Aussies. 

She has successfully trained and titled in obedience, conformation, herding, tracking in AKC and ASCA sanctioning programs.

Kiddy is also a Senior Breeder Judge with the Australian Shepherd Club of America- ASCA.  She continues to have judging assignments in regional conformation shows as well at ASCA National Specialities. 

In 2010 she signed up for her first nose work class in Eugene.

Discovering a new canine venue to have fun with her dogs, she continued forward competing in NACSW Nose Work trials.  With encouragement and support, Kiddy became fully involved in NACSW nose work and began teaching weekly classes.  

Kiddy applied to the CNWI program and became a Certified Nose Work Instructor in 2015. 

Kiddy continues to teach nose work classes in the Eugene/Springfield area, teaching Intro to K9 NW to advance levels for teams competing in Elite trials.  Active in NACSW nose work trials, Kiddy learned from her first nose work dog, Skye, working to the Elite 3 Title level before Skye retired from competition.   Kiddy is now trialing two of her Aussies at the Elite level and is always learning nose work from all dogs.