While working 25 years at Snap-on Tools, Laura decided there was something else she was supposed to be doing. So, in 1993 she started searching for that something by taking a part- time job at a local animal hospital, graduating from grooming school and completing a Pet Care Technician Program. In 1996, Laura opened Loving Paws Dog Grooming, a part-time business. Finally, in 1998 she had an epiphany; she wanted to be a dog training instructor. She attended numerous dog training workshops, seminars and conferences. 2004 gave Laura the opportunity to leave Snap-on Tools, close the grooming business and open Loving Paws LLC Dog Training. She became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the APDT in April of 2005.

In late 2009, Laura was intrigued by an article she read in the Whole Dog Journal about the sport of K9 Nose Work®. Luck would have it that soon after that, an Intro to K9 Nose Work® seminar took place at For Your K9 in IL with Ron and Amy. It was the first time Laura ever had a working spot in a seminar with any of her dogs. She had a blast.  Soon after, the certification course was offered there and the rest is history. Laura became a CNWI in 2011. She was the first NACSW™ K9 Nose Work® trial host in Wisconsin in July of 2012.  Since then she has hosted numerous K9 Nose Work® trials, ORTs and workshops. She has been the judge and a certifying official for numerous ORTs. Laura joined the NACSW™ CO program in 2015.  Laura played a pivotal role in bringing K9 Nose Work® Training Camp to Wisconsin in 2018 and will be the camp’s Operations Manager.

Laura still owns, operates and instructs classes for Loving Paws LLC Dog Training in Kenosha WI. She also served on the board of directors for Kenosha’s Safe Harbor Humane Society but resigned so she had more time to help them with their volunteer program and special cases.

Laura enjoys her spare time with her husband George and their three wonderful dogs Harley, Lucy and Zeke. Harley and Lucy are finishing up their NW3 titles and Zeke just started his nose work journey getting his NW1 the summer of 2017.