Lisa KretnerIn 2010, Lisa and Paige (her Belgian Tervuren) attended their first Nose Work Seminar with the Founders of NACSW and never looked back. The bond and teamwork that is developed by playing the nose work games, inspired Lisa to become a CNWI which she achieved in October 2011. Lisa travels all over to attend Nose Work Seminars and Camps as she finds nose work addictive and she hopes to never stop learning.

Lisa enjoys learning from and competing with her Tervs and has gone on to compete with Paige, through her Elite 1 title before she passed. Currently, Lisa is competing with her 11-year-old,  Ki-enne (he has almost earned his Elite 3) and her 8-year-old, Vibe has her NW3 Elite. Lisa is looking forward to applying all she has learned through the years with her newest addition, Bree (9 week Terv) who is joining the family in September 2021.

After 40+ years as a Construction Controller, in March of 2020, Lisa left the corporate world to pursue her love of working with dogs and their people. She teaches several nose work classes each week, has hosted numerous seminars, ORTs and Trials. Lisa is a Certifying Official, Score Room Lead and an ORT Certifying Official/Judge. Frequently, she can be found volunteering at trials and events.