Lori is a full-time professional dog trainer in Buffalo, NY.  Lori’s business, Do Ovelori timberlaker Dog Training specializes in K9 Nose Work®, Dog Parkour and Canine Fitness classes.  Lori was introduced to Nose Work in 2011 and it has become the main focus of her business.  Do Over Dog Training hosts many ORTs, trials and educational seminars, webinars, and workshops.

Lori has been training dogs for over 15 years and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, Certified Nose Work Instructor and Certified International Dog Parkour Instructor.

Lori is also part of the Trial Coordinator Team, Membership Team and is a Score Room Lead for the NACSW™.

Lori lives with her husband, Aaron, and her Mastiff, Ole E Cannoli Stromboli Ravioli Laker, her Stripey Dog, Daisy, and itty bitty pitty, Chewie.  While Daisy has her Elite Championship and is still working on her Element Titles, all three dogs love playing the game at home.