To create opportunities for dogs to develop their natural scenting abilities, and to conduct competition design and trial sanctioning, official instructor certification, and education in an ethical, enriching canine-centered environment.



We strive to harness dogs' searching and scenting instinct to build strong human-animal bonds through scent detection activities that encourage mutual respect and illuminate the amazing abilities of our canine companions. 

As the first competitive companion dog sport organization for scent work, we endeavor to reach as many dog-handler teams as possible through the NACSW Trial Division and the K9 Nose Work® Education and Instructor Certification program.


Who we are:

The National Association of Canine Scent Work™ (NACSW™) is an organization that encompasses education, the activity, and the competitive sport of Nose Work.


Trial division (competition):

The NACSW™ trial division sanctions trials to ensure consistency throughout our competitive events. We embrace competitors of all scent work training methods.


Education division:

The K9 Nose Work® methodology was designed to bring the activity of scent detection to as many dogs and people as possible, regardless of training history or individual skill sets.

Through instructor training and certification, we are focused on expanding the underlying K9 Nose Work® philosophy envisioned by the founders, which was the genesis of scent detection competition. K9 Nose Work® is designed to be a dog-driven, easily accessible activity and strives to have consistency of application through the certification of instructors.