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We are not currently accepting new orders for this product as we are making updates. Please check back in October for new and updated videos (which will also be available to those who already purchased the series). 

We are pleased to offer an online video series covering many basics relating to NACSW trials. These videos are short overviews meant as a complement to the rule book and information on our website.


Some of the videos also provide additional insight to some of the behind the scene pieces of NACSW trials including a segment with the founders of the sport, Amy Herot and Jill Marie O'Brien, sharing some of the history of NACSW.


We are providing 21 short video segments covering a wide variety of topics with around 2.5 hours of video in total. See below for a complete list of topics. Most segements are around 5-10 minutes each. 


Anyone new to trialing, new to NACSW, or anyone who just wants more information on NACSW trials may find these helpful. 


We have made the Introduction video and the History of the NACSW segments available to everyone for free.


These videos will be available via your account on the NACSW site through at least Dec 31, 2022, and will be available upon completion of your order.


Topics included are:

  • Introduction
  • History of the NACSW
  • Handler Membership and Dog Registration
  • Odor Recognition Test (ORT) 
  • Trial and Odor Recognition Test Premiums
  • How to enter an Odor Recognition Test
  • How to Enter a Trial
  • Random Draw
  • Things to Bring to a Trial
  • Thinking of Entering Your First Event?
  • The Competitor's Trial Day
  • Trials From a Host's Perspective
  • Certifying Officials
  • A Day in the Life of a Trial Judge
  • Dog in White
  • Volunteering
  • Trial rules - Overview
  • Trial Rules and Titles - Element Specialty Trials
  • Trial Rules and Titles - NW1 and NW2
  • Trial Rules and Titles - NW3 and NW3 Elite
  • Trial Rules and Titles - Elite and Summit
  • Trial Scoring - NW1, NW2 and L1, L2 EST
  • Trials From a Host's Perspective