In January 2009, the first official NACSW Trial was held in Southern California. The sport continues to grow every year with trials being held in almost every state in the country. NACSW Trials have earned a reputation for being an innovative, exciting, and supportive competition venue. NACSW Trials are the original detection dog sport and remains the gold standard in the quality of the overall experience of each competitor. Trials are well organized events put on by local trial hosts, supported by Certifying Officials, judges, and volunteers.  These events provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience for all.


The Trial Division is responsible for assisting our members and event hosts. We provide support for all of our events including event approval and guidance for the host throughout the hosting process. We have an extensive Certifying Official Training Program and provide ongoing continuing education for our Certifying Officials. Our team is always available to help our members with any account problems and answer questions relating to our ORTs and trials.