Karen Connell took her first K9 Nosework seminar in 2010 with her Belgian Sheepdog, Pearl and discovered the world Karen Connellfrom the dog’s perspective.  She became a CNWI in July of 2012 so she could share her love of K9 Nosework with other people and their dogs and help them. 

As NoseyPaws Dog Training, she has continued teaching.  She became a trial photographer, and then began videoing trials when that became an option, combining her love for photography with her new passion for K9 Nosework.  Over the years she has hosted many NACSW Nosework trials and is an ORT Certifying official and Judge. In 2019 she joined the NACSW Trial Staff on the Score Card Team and then trained to become a Certifying Official in 2020. She has also trained her own dogs in and earned titles in agility, herding, conformation and obedience.

She lives in Sacramento, CA with 4 dogs: her retired Belgian Sheepdog, Pearl, and three shelties who are at various stages in their Nosework careers from NW3 to her puppy, Isla who recently began Intro to Nosework.