Cindy Martin has been involved in the sport of K9 Nose Work since 2011, when she started training her reactiveCindy Martin Labradoodle, Tahoe. 

She competed with Tahoe in the first Nose Work trial in the Southeast in 2012, and continued trialing through his Elite 3 before losing him in early 2022.  Quickly hooked on the sport, she started competing with Baxter, her second Labradoodle, soon after starting Tahoe.  Cindy and Baxter progressed through the levels, placing regularly in searches and overall.  They competed in the K9 Nose Work National Invitational in 2017, and competed in 2 Summit trials prior to Baxter’s recent retirement.  She has now started her young yellow Labrador, Durango, training for his ORT!

Cindy has been teaching scent work classes since 2016 using NACSW methods learned at multiple K9 Nose Work Camps as well as working with multiple CNWI’s through the years.  Her students have been successful from the NW1 levels to Elite and Summit!  She loves teaching – watching dogs and handlers making progress, and seeing handlers come to better understand their amazing dogs.  She is currently in the training program to become a Certified Nose Work Instructor.  In addition to teaching scent work, Cindy has been a long-time instructor at her local obedience club.

Cindy is excited to be a Certifying Official, putting her experience as a Trial Host, Volunteer Coordinator and competitor into practice as she works with hosts and volunteers to provide a fun trial experience for competitors!  Cindy lives in Huntsville, Alabama, where she works as a Physical Therapist.