Peter’s first introduction to K9 Nose Work® was in 2012 when he enrolled his year old English Springer Spaniel, Duncan in an introductory class at his local training facility. They were hooked! They earned their NW1 title at Florida’s first ever NACSW™ trial and since then have trialed up and down the East coast and as far West as Texas and Wisconsin. Duncan is currently one good search away from his ELT3 title.

Peter began instructing Nose Work in 2014 and in 2015 became a CNWI. He owns Noseworkers Local 1104, LLC based in Volusia County Florida where he teaches all levels of the sport. He has also hosted several NACSW™ trials in Central Florida.
Though a relative newcomer to professional dog training, he is no newcomer to animals. His first job out of college was with horses and he spent over 20 years in the thoroughbred horse industry working on farms in his native England and in New Zealand and Australia. He came to the US in 1980 and ran the breeding operation at a private farm in Maryland before moving to Kentucky where he managed the broodmare operation at one of the world’s most prominent commercial stud farms.