Steve DeTata, CNWI has been involved in K9 Nose Work since 2010.  He started as a student and Steve DeTatacompetitor before attending the K9 Nose Work Instructor Program in Tulsa, OK in 2013 and has been teaching K9 Nose Work ever since. He is a member of the K9 Nose Work Education Division Staff and K9 Nose Work Shelter Program Staff. He is an NACSW National Trial Coordinator and served as the Western United States representative for the NACSW Trial Division Rule’s Committee. He has been an ORT Judge and Certifying Official since 2017.

Steve has competed in NACSW Trials since 2011 with two of his dogs.  In 2013, he and his dog, Juliet (American Pit Bull Terrier) became the 9th team in the nation to earn the Nose Work 3 Elite Title. He and Juliet participated in the 2014 and 2015 NACSW National Invitationals and advanced to the Finals both years.  They ended their competition experience with an Elite 1 Title.  Steve and his second dog, Bella (American Pit Bull Terrier) earned two Nose Work 3 Titles.

Steve has attended numerous detection dog seminars, and took part in a year-long Naval Research Lab Detection Dog Study with his dog, Juliet. They were also one of the K9 Nose Work teams used to evaluate search scenarios for the development of the Elite Level of competition.  He instructs approximately 40 K9 Nose Work teams weekly, ranging from beginners through Summit League.

Steve has been involved in animal rescue since 2008, volunteering his time at municipal animal shelters and private rescue groups.  He ran his own pit bull rescue group, resulting in over 50 pit bulls being saved from Los Angeles County Shelters and placed into new homes.  He has implemented K9 Nose Work Shelter Programs at two shelters, and currently assists in promoting the Shelter Program and advising groups on how to start one.