Terri has been involved in nose work since 2009.  She recalls seeing a small posteTerri Spaeth-Merrickr advertising classes: “K9 Nose Work, a great activity for reactive dogs”.  At the time having a young working-lines dog who was very reactive to other dogs was a challenge, all her goals of working titles seemed far out of reach.  She signed up for the class immediately with both of her dogs—one reactive and one goofy—both Bernese Mountain Dogs.  Terri can say without hesitation that nose work completely changed all three of their lives, for the better—it saved Peaches.

Peaches, the reactive one, started competing in 2010, culminating in her Elite Championship (and 23 nose work titles) with many placements and HIT's, she competed at National Invitationals in 2015, and a Summit trial with placements in 2018 as her “retirement” run.  Peaches also excelled at Draft Work earning her Master Draft Dog and Brace Draft titles.  Ochoco earned 12 Nose work titles almost earning her NW3 Elite before we lost her to cancer, to Ochoco nose work was just pure fun.  Working such opposite K9 personalities was a great education.  Terri has also successfully competed with several of her student's and friend's dogs, ranging from Beagles to Labradors to Tervurens.  She has a new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Juniper, who is just starting her nose work career earning her ORT and NW1 in mid 2021.  Juniper loves hunting and is a joy to work!

Terri attends as many workshops, seminars, webinars and camps on nose work as possible.  In 2014 she started teaching, in 2018 became an NACSW CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor) with an average of 75 students per week.

Additionally, Terri has provided video or photo service at over 170 trials, allowing her to watch well over 11,000 dogs work odor in a trial setting.  An amazing educational opportunity few have had; watching 30+/- dogs work the same search really illustrates what is happening with odor and the ways dogs work it. 

She has hosted numerous NACSW trials since 2011. She is also a judge and certifying official for several other organizations and is soon to be approved as an NACSW trial judge.

Her varied experiences over the years have contributed to a solid understanding of how odor moves and how dogs work odor and how to set thoughtful hides.