NACSW Trials strive to be a safe, fun, and fair way to enjoy the competition experience for dogs and handlers. Building awareness of safe practices is directly related to the NACSW mission. An educated, proactive membership is one of the best ways to keep the trial environment safe, fun, and fair for all competitors.
For more information regarding parking lot rules and etiquette at NACSW Trials, refer to the trial rule book.
To aid in your understanding of parking lot rules and etiquette, we have compiled a photo list of parking lot dos and don’ts. When looking at these photos, first understand that basic safety concerns should be addressed: dogs secured in crate or vehicle with proper ventilation and shading, handlers in footwear that protects the toes and allows for walking on varied surfaces. Next, consider every dog's need to conserve energy, keep focused, and stay happy when doing nose work at a real-world location. Dogs that are meeting other dogs, close to other dogs, or lacking a secure and comfortable resting space may not be safe or able to work to their full potential, and this may even affect how much your dog and you enjoy the day.
Whether you are new to NACSW Trials or you are a seasoned competitor, these photos along with staying current on the posted rules will ensure that we are all doing our part to keep NACSW Trials safe, fun, and fair.

Do keep your dog properly secured in a vehicle, crate, or pen:

dog in cratedog in car dog in x-pendog in x-pen

Do Not unsafely keep your dog in or near a vehicle or crate:

parking lot photoparking lot photoparking lot photoparking lot photo

Do keep your vehicle or crate well-ventilated:

parking lot photoparking lot photoparking lot photoparking lot photo

Do Not unsafely vent your vehicle or crate:

parking lot photo parking lot photoparking lot photoparking lot photo


Do Not use a leash longer than 6 feet when taking your dog to and from the parking lot:

parking lot photoparking lot photo

Do Not possess alcohol on trial premises:

parking lot photo

Do have fun being safe with your dog!