Here you can see actual searches from past NACSW Trials. The searches are grouped by title level (NW1, NW2, NW3), and sub-grouped by element of competition (container, interior, exterior, vehicle).

These video examples provide a look at what the real-world search environment of a typical NACSW Trial could be like. Each trial location offers unique challenges within the guidelines of the title level being tested for that day. From one trial to the next, the same search element could look very different depending on the trial location and other factors. One exterior search at the NW1 level might be entirely on concrete, another might include grass and rocks, or snow! Some vehicle searches will use common passenger vehicles, others may use semi trucks, horse trailers, humvees, or golf carts. An NACSW Trial is much more than a test, it is an experience you share with your dog. When the real world is your trial location, the learning is never done, and the fun never ends.

Elite Division Video Examples

NW1 Video Examples

NW2 Video Examples

NW3 Video Examples

Happy Sniffing!