NACSW Frequent Volunteer Reward Program

Our trials could not happen without trial hosts and the volunteers that support those trials. We are happy to announce that The Frequent Volunteer Reward Program will continue through 2024.

Beginning on 1/1/2024 NACSW will be rewarding frequent volunteers with an Additional Draw Entry  for every 7 full days of volunteer time at NACSW sanctioned ORT’s and trials on a rolling 12 month calendar basis beginning with the first volunteer day you submit.  Volunteers should submit their 7 total volunteer days per sheet or submission and as long as all of those days fall within the 12 month period after the earliest date on the sheet a Additional Draw Entry  will be awarded for use in a future trial.

While we greatly appreciate all volunteers who donate their time, this program is designed to reward those who volunteer on a regular basis.

The volunteer log form is available here.

Here are the details of the program:
1.     An Additional Draw Entry means that you will receive 1 extra entry put in for the same dog/handler team.  This is not a guarantee that you will receive a space in the trial, but it does increase your odds.

2.   A handler may use multiple Additional Draw Entries for a single trial.  Additional Draw entries can only be used for “qualified” entries. If you are FEO or pending requirements, you are not eligible to use your Additional Draw Entry.  For Summit entries, if you have an ELT3, but not an ELT-CH, your Additional Draw Entry would move you to the top of the ELT3 group in the draw and your Additional Draw entry would place you at your highest draw number in the ELT3 group.

3.    Once you have accumulated 7 volunteer days, take a photo of them or scan and submit your sheet(s) to  within 14 days of your final volunteer day for each set of 7 days being submitted. 
       It is most helpful if you submit your forms in increments of 7 days.  This can be 7 total days all on the same form, 7 total days on 7 different forms or any variation of that.  It can take up to 4 weeks to process your submission. 

4.    Once your Additional Draw Entry has been processed, you will receive a reply e-mail to let you know your Additional Draw Entry is available.  You will then send an email to at least two weeks prior to the opening of the trial you would like to use it for.  Provide the trial date, trial city, state and level, as well as your NACSW member number and your dog's name and NACSW number.
When submitting your Additional Draw Entry for use the following guidelines apply.
One may use their Additional Draw Entry
*  For the earner to handle any dog, regardless of ownership.

* For another NACSW member to handle any dog in the earner’s own household.

* For any current NACSW member of the earner’s household to handle a dog, regardless of ownership.

5.    Additional Draw Entries may not be transferred to another handler/dog except in the cases mentioned above.

6.   Please note, as per the timeline in items 2 and 3, you need to start the submission process at least 6 weeks prior to the trial entry open date.

7.    Additional Draw Entries do not expire.

8.   Multiple Additional Draw Entries can be used per dog per trial.

9.     Volunteer hours will be accrued in half and full day increments. A half day volunteer is a minimum of three hours and up to six hours.  A full day is six hours or more.  Half and full days will be determined by the Trial Volunteer Coordinator.

10.     All non-compensated volunteer roles (i.e. gate stewards, volunteer coordinator, box setter, timer, etc) at the ORT/trial will receive the same credit, no matter what they are.  We value that you are giving up your day to help make the trial happen!

11.     Volunteer days are only earned for work done on ORT/trial days, not pre or post trial days.

12.    We will only recognize volunteer days at official NACSW ORTs/trials.

13.  Multiple Additional Draw Entries may be accumulated ~ one for each 7 days of volunteering during your rolling calendar year.

14.  You may not carry over “unused” volunteer days from one rolling year to the next when accumulating your 7 days.

15.  If you bring a family member or friend to volunteer for a trial, that person may assign their volunteer time to you if they are NOT an NACSW member OR if they are an inactive member.  An inactive member is someone who has not handled a dog at a NACSW ORT/trial or entered a NACSW Trial within the past 18 months.  No more than 2 inactive/non-members can contribute to your volunteer incentive days in 1 calendar year. Each of those 2 inactive/non-members can contribute multiple days.

16.  Volunteers will be accepted at the host’s discretion depending on need.

17.  Anyone being financially compensated for their time (including Officials, vendors - including video services, Score Room Leads, etc) is not eligible for volunteer credits.

18.  ORT hosts who are not officiating are eligible for volunteer day credits.

19.  Hosts/Volunteer Coordinators will sign and verify information on the volunteer forms presented to them by volunteers at their trials.  They are not obligated to sign forms after the completion of the trial weekend.

20.  Hosts/Volunteer Coordinators will submit their volunteer check-in sheets to NACSW at within one week after their trial.

21.  All NACSW hosts must participate in the program.

22. Once an Additional Draw has been applied in a random draw, Additional Draws are not eligible for reinstatement.

Questions can be sent to:

NACSW Trial Staff