Wendy is a professional dog trainer and owner of Tell a Tail Dog Training in Livermore, CA. She participated in the first Nose Work® seminar in Northern California and became completely hooked on the sport. Since that day, she has become a Certified Nose Work Instructor and teaches all levels of K9 Nose Work® classes at her training facility. She has hosted and organized K9 Nose Work® trials in Northern California and has traveled throughout the United States to help this growing sport. Wendy also works for the NACSW™ (National Association of Canine Scent Work) behind the scenes on software and is the National Trial Director which involves managing all aspects of the sport including membership, scheduling of events, customer service, training of Certifying Officials, etc. Prior to pursuing dog training as a career, Wendy earned her BS in Computer Science at Michigan State University and worked as a software engineer and manager.

Wendy started in K9 Nose Work® with her dog reactive Golden Retriever, Renegade. "Ren" was an intense working dog that earned his NW3 title twice. Wendy currently lives Mica and Coal.  Mica is her 5 year old golden who has her NW2 title and has competed in agility.  Coal is her young border collie who is enjoying learning the games of agility and K9 Nose Work® and has earned his NW1 title and is starting competition in agility.