The Score Room Lead (SRL) works with one or more score room workers to perform the following tasks for NACSW trials:

  • Use the NACSW’s proprietary scoring app to set up a trial and to load competitor data into that app.
  • The app has been designed to be very user-friendly, and instructions for installing and using it are available.
  • Competitor data is prepared by other NACSW volunteers and sent to the SRL in advance of the trial.
  • Connect the SRL’s computer (used for scoring) to the printer provided by the host.
  • Train score room workers (as needed) and delegate tasks as appropriate. Encourage workers who demonstrate appropriate skills to consider training to become SRLs, including using the training log to evaluate their performance.
  • Organize the score room to facilitate completion of the scoring tasks outlined below.
  • Brief members of the search crews on their roles and responsibilities as needed. Briefing scripts are provided to facilitate this process.
  • Enter score card data, as completed by the Judge, into the scoring app and follow procedures to “verify” (double-check) the accuracy of data input.
  • Download videos of the searches from the NACSW cameras to the NACSW thumb drive. Copy those video files to the Certifying Official’s computer, if he/she wants to receive copies.
  • Use the scoring app to generate results reports and, based on those reports, assemble the appropriate ribbons and give them to the Certifying Official, who will distribute them at the Awards ceremony.
  • Print the “Individual Results Reports” from the scoring app and collate them with score sheet copies to be given to the competitors at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Send final results to the NACSW to be loaded onto the web.
  • Maintain confidentiality of any discussions within the score room and/or information about searches (e.g., hide locations, numbers of hides).

Attributes of a Successful SRL

  • Willing to be at the trial all day – the SRL typically arrives as early as the host and stays at the trial site until all scores have been entered, verified, and reported to the NACSW.
  • Willing to learn and follow established score room practices.
  • Have an understanding of how the various NACSW scores are calculated so as to be better able to identify any scoring anomalies.
  • A problem solver – if/when something unanticipated happens, able to search for and find solutions, including being willing to ask for assistance.
  • Calm under pressure.
  • Detail oriented and focused.
  • Able to multi-task and to prioritize the various score room tasks.
  • Patient: able to work with volunteers and help to set them up for success in their assigned duties, including explaining the roles of Judge’s stewards, timers, and videographers to other volunteers, referring to a briefing script as needed.
  • Have their own laptop to use for scoring the trial (or work with a host who provides a laptop for that purpose). The laptop can be either a PC or a Mac and needs to have Java, a word processor, and an emailer installed. In addition, the SRL needs to be able to perform the following:
  • Move files from one drive to another, to download videos from the NACSW cameras to the NACSW thumb drive and/or CO’s computer.
  • Learn to use the NACSW’s Java-based proprietary scoring app.
  • Attach a file to an email to submit results to the NACSW.
  • Willing to devote 3 days or more to working in the score room to obtain experience before being approved as an SRL.

For Questions about becoming a Score Room Lead, please email

You can access the Score Room Training Process and Training Log PDF file here