Effective January 1, 2020, NW3 competitors will need to submit a Title Eligibility Form at check in for each trial for any cumulative titles they are eligible to earn that day. These include the NW3 Element Titles (NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-I, NW3-V), NW3 Elite (NW3 earned 3 times and competency demonstrated in all elements), or a NW3 title achieved through two qualifying scores.


Login to view your current progress on the “Titles” page for your dog in the account information section. Go to “My Account” and select “My Dogs” and select “Titles” for the dog for which you want to check the title status.  As of January 1, 2020, the display format will be updated to make tracking progress on NW3 cumulative titles easier.


We recommend you verify the information for your dog's title progress on your account page prior to filling out the form.  You will only receive ribbons and recognition at the awards ceremony if you have submitted the title eligibility form at check in that morning.  You will still receive credit for any titles earned even if the form is not submitted. 


Please ONLY fill out this form and submit at check in if you are eligible to earn any of the NW3 Cumulative Titles included on the form at that trial. If you are not eligible for any cumulative titles, please do not submit the form at checkin.


Due to the new process, if you are not aware that you are eligible for a cumulative title and discover you earned a title after the trial, we will offer, for a limited time, the option for you to purchase a ribbon. Price will include ribbon, labor, and shipping costs.


You may download the NACSW NW3 Trial Cumulative Title Eligibility Form here


Questions can be sent to: trial@nacsw.net