What we are looking for in judges with professional detection experience:
What NACSW is looking for in judges is a person who has trained, certified and professionally handled a detection dog for at least 5 years in the categories described in the application (see link below). Whose experience and training has provided an understanding of how scent works in different environments and conditions. A person who can judge each dog taking in consideration the vision statement of NACSW in which a world where every dog and dog lover finds joy and a deeper bond through the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work.

Why someone may not be selected:


We may not be in need of judges in your area. We typically approve judges where and when there is a need. Most judges come through personal referral because they have become familiar with NACSW trials. We also may not select a judge if credentials do not adequately meet our criteria or if information is found to be false or misrepresented.


What to expect as a NACSW judge:

Once you are approved as a judge, you will be sent a document with judging guidelines for the operation of NACSW Trials, and the format for various levels. We appreciate you reviewing these guidelines which have details that effect the scoring and placements for NACSW Trials that may be vastly different from your professional detection experience.
Some key parts of the process:
NACSW judges are hired by hosts as they schedule trials in a region.  Most hosts hire judges in proximity to the trial location in an effort to minimize travel expenses.  Requests for you to judge will vary based on the number of trials and the number of other approved officials in your area.
Judges may only judge two consecutive times for a trial host within an 18-month period. However, you may judge for other hosts in the same region and may judge for the same host more than two times if they host many trials in a year (just not more than two consecutive times).

Judges receive a recommended fee ($200) per day, plus travel expenses for each day of judging. The trial day for judges is roughly 8 hours long with a lunch break.

The host will directly contact you based on the contact information you provided in your application.  If you need to change that information, please contact trialjudge@nacsw.net
Hosts will negotiate their terms for transportation, meals, accommodations and payment.
Your role as judge is an important one for NACSW.  The impact you may have on the partnership between handler and their dog is significant, thus your words, comments, and attitude greatly affect the competitor experience. We trust that you will bring all of your professional experience and love of dogs to help us create a wonderful trial event for everyone.
Questions can be sent to: trialjudge@nacsw.net
If you would like to apply to become an approved NACSW judge, click here